TEFAF Maastricht

Our flowers exposed at TEFAF Maastricht, the world's greatest art and antiques fair, you can buy masterpieces of art, antiques and design from 275 of the world's most prestigious dealers.

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Happy New Year!

Thank you for being our flower friend in the past year. May your New Year be filled with Joy, Health and Success!

We look forward to an exciting 2016 with new challenges and unexplored opportunities. Join us for the ride!

Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2015


Montana at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2015
Montana at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2015
Montana at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2015
Montana at Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2015

Rosita Jade is leaving

The Lovely flower Rosita Jade has packed her suitcase, she is leaving us now, after 6 years of blooming.

jade leaving

improved in the Rosanne-series:

Rosanne Green

rosanne green 1rosanne green 2

Elegant, intense color, solid hard petals
“bred by Sakata”
VBN nr. 112274

rosanne green 3rosanne green 4

much more flower petals,
bigger, ruffled flower
much stronger

rosanne green 5rosanne green 6

Floral Fundamentals

Montana Lisianthus embraces the Florists,
like all members of www.FloralFundamentals.com do

Following intensive discussions, a group of like-minded professionals from different aspects of the sector agreed that the floral industry needed help to communicate and to break down barriers.

The advent of supermarket pricing policy has caused major issues not only for florists but for growers too.

What was needed was a radical approach and a platform where growers and suppliers could have direct communication with florists and where florists could ask direct questions and learn more.

floral fundamentals magazine

Floral Fundamentals aims to share practical information about flowers, plants and new sundry products used in the floral industry. Florists are now able to connect directly with growers and suppliers by subscribing to the digital.

Floral Fundamentals aims to show practical, commercial ideas that will give florists a design edge over supermarket products. In turn, growers can ask for feedback about their flowers and plants. Florists will then be able to ensure that they use professional growers supplying excellent flowers.

Full membership of Floral Fundamentals gives you access to our digital magazine which is produced 4 times a year, all archived material and florist/supplier/grower forum.  

The magazine features Trending; New Products; Conditioning information direct from the grower and Chrysal; what’s Fresh and New in terms of flowers and specialities; Commercial Designs; Handties with a difference; Behind the Scenes stories and much more…

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Montana Lisianthus Promo Video

Montana Lisianthus has specialised in growing this exceptional cut flower for more than 20 years: Lisianthus, in those days still called Eustoma. The nursery, which produces all-year round, is located on the edge of Poeldijk, in the heart of ‘greenhouse city’– the Westland. Corine and Frank van Holst truly have growers blood running through their veins, both were born and raised in nurseries and have an agricultural education. Growing is their passion.

They move with the times – in the 21st century, a lot goes into producing a spectacularly beautiful bunch of Lisianthus. In a world of abundant supply, your product must offer something special to please the customers. Corine and Frank are always aware of this, and work hard, with great success, to offer Lisianthus of exceptional quality and consistency all year round.

Alissa Rose Pink

Proud to present
new in the Alissa-series: Alissa Rose Pink

alissa-rosepink5 alissa-rosepink3

The difference between Alissa Light Pink and Rose Pink

alissa-rosepink2 alissa-rosepink



  • Alissa Rose Pink
  • Now available
    VBN nr. 116604


  • Alissa Light Pink will be back in June


Flowers Expo Moscow 2014




Fleur Amour At Alden Biezen Belgium 2014



Nomination Flora Holland Glass Tullip Award 2015!

Alissa White nominated for Flora Holland Glass Tullip Award 2015!