королева Масима

Уэстленд, 7 марта 2018 года: королева Масима отправляется в путешествие по зданию Всемирного центра Хорти. Этот центр является международной выставкой садоводства. Образование, исследовательские институты, компании и правительство работают вместе над инновациями и устойчивыми разработками. Франк ван Холст из MontanaLisianthus рассказывает ей об окружающей среде и устойчивости - испытаниях Лисиантуса.

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Takii Seed christens Lisianthus ‘Corelli Delft Blue’

at IPM Essen

Introduction of a new Lisianthus variety with an extraordinary colour pattern

24 January 2018 – The highly promising newcomer ‘Corelli Delft Blue’ was christened on the stand of plant breeder Takii Seed on the first day of IPM Essen in Germany. This extraordinary Lisianthus variety is being grown by Montana Lisianthus, and is distinguished by the colour palette of its double-flowered, double-fringed flowers and its outstanding vase life. Corelli Delft Blue derives its name from the iconic hand-painted earthenware from Delft. Corelli Delft Blue is exclusively available at FleuraMetz for florists this week, and from week 6 this novelty will be freely available from Montana Lisianthus.

Corelli Delft Blue 1 Corelli Delft Blue 2

Distinctive colour palette

Just like the hand-finished Delft earthenware, Corelli Delft Blue can also be identified by its harmonious colour palette. Passion, creativity and craftsmanship are the elements that link this Lisianthus to the world-famous earthenware. Each flower is distinctive, according to product and account manager Hendri Veurink from Takii Europe: “Every flower has different markings, as if it’s been painted by hand. That makes every flower unique. I would like to highlight that playful character as a remarkable quality of this new product.”

Corelli Delft Blue is available exclusively from Frank and Corine van Holst at Montana Lisianthus. They produce the most beautiful Lisianthus with passion, and are proud to be the exclusive growers of Corelli Delft Blue. Corine says: “The possibilities are limitless with Corelli Delft Blue, and you can use them to make adventurous creations. Corelli Delft Blue’s extraordinary colour palette enriches our range.” Takii Seed is also delighted with the addition to the existing Corelli series, and decided to christen the variety during the first day of IPM Essen. Alison Bradley, managing director of Floral Fundamentals and Fusion Flowers Magazine, was asked by Montana and Takii Seed to christen the elegant Corelli Delft Blue. Following the naming, the invited guests toasted this colourful novelty.

The elegance of the Corelli series

The symphonies of the Italian composer Corelli are the source of inspiration for plant breeder Takii Seed. The Lisianthus varieties in the Corelli series echo the elegance of the Baroque era and are characterised by their graceful and decorative appearance. Florists can create fantastic masterpieces with Corelli.

Corelli Delft Blue 3 Corelli Delft Blue 4


The first shipments of Corelli Delft Blue will be exclusively available to florists at FleuraMetz over the coming week. From week 6 this new variety will be freely available through Montana Lisianthus’ usual channels. To celebrate the launch of Corelli Delft Blue, FleuraMetz is organising a fun competition for florists. They’re being challenged to produce a surprising creation using Corelli Delft Blue. The participants with the finest creations will vie for the main prize: a two-day Delft Blue Experience. Original Royal Delft Blue vases and several bunches of Corelli Delft Blue will be awarded to other entrants. This competition is being organised with participation by FleuraMetz, Takii Seed, Montana and Royal Delft.

About Takii Seed

Takii Seed is the brand name for all varieties of flower and vegetable seeds developed for the professional market. Takii Europe B.V. is the European division of Takii & Company. Ltd. from Japan. Takii Europe B.V. is an integrated seed business involved in the breeding, production, processing, sale and marketing of a wide range of flower and vegetable species. The company is the market leader in floriculture with regard to sunflowers, canna and brassica. More information is available at www.takii.eu.

Celeb Madonna

celeb madonna 4

celeb madonna 2

  • Very bright feminine pink colour
  • Elegant big ruffled Flower
  • VBN nr.  121255
















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Corelli Delft Blue

Corelli Delft Blue 1 pres2

Corelli Delft Blue 1 pres3

  • Every flower is different
    as if it was painted by hand
  • Large filled flowers
  • Large buds
  • Passion, creativity and craftsmanship is
    what this Lisianthus connects
    with the world renowned pottery
  • VBN nr.  119706








Corelli Delft Blue 1 pres4Corelli Delft Blue 1 pres5



Lisianthus Alissa Rosé

First of all we wish you a ’Fresh and Sparkling 2018’ !!
Loads of blessing and excellent health for you and your family!
We hope to make a lot of people happy with our Lisianthus in this new year to come and would love to do this together with you. This is our goal!

We would like to do this by starting the new year ‘the fresh and fruity way’ with the introduction of an entirely new Lisianthus

One that tastes like more:
The Alissa Rosé!!

Ready to be ordered this Monday, January 8th
VBN nr 120953


alissa rose enkel

alissa rose sfeer

  • Elegant big Flower
  • Fresh sparkling rose colour
  • VBN nr 120953













alissa rose drie

alissa rose tak