Flowers Expo Moskou

Montana Lisianthus present at the Flowers Expo Moskou in Rusland with exclusive presentation. This year Araik Galstyan and G-Fresh made it possible for Corine; Mrs Montana, to show ‘Montana Lisianthus’ at the catwalk with stunning presentation shinning in front of whole room of whole sale and florists. And in the end the really special occasion: the baptising of the Lisianthus Alissa by Araik Galstyan of the International Floral Design School


doop-alissa      corine-moskou-183

Rosanne Bordeaux

rosanne-deep-brown-cup rosanne-deep-brown-2
rosanne-deep-brown-lisianthus rosanne-deep-brown


  • Special, full flower
  • Intense brown color
  • Extremely hard flower
  • Available in the summer and autumn

Lisianthus Rosanne Black Jewel

Available from July 2013

black-jewel2 black-jewel

Rosanne Black

Available year-round except in the fall, then we move on to the fall-special: Rosanne Deep Bordeaux

rosanne-black rosanne-black-2

Lisianthus Alissa Pink


Lisianthus Alissa Blue and White

New in our assortment! Lisianthus Alissa Blue and White available from July 2013.