New Arrival! Rosanne Black Pearl



Alissa champagne

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  • Floración plena excepcional
  • VBN code 115374

Yes! We're there!

19 finalists announced for the FloraHolland Award 'Glass Tulip 2014 '

The jury members

During the jury meeting on 7 November, the 19 finalists were selected. Products were judged on commercial attractiveness and durability but also logistical efficiency and risk of damage during loading. Five products in each category will go to the finals.

The finalists in each category are:
Cut flowers:

  • Eustoma russellianum gevuldbloemig Fleur Elisa Pink van Montana Lisianthus (Poeldijk)
  • Gerbera mini Bizar van Holstein Flowers (De Lier)
  • Clematis Diversifolia Star River van Bondeni Flowers (Pvt) Ltd. (Uitgeest)
  • Rosa grootbloemig Red Eye van Only Roses BV (De Kwakel), Olij Rozen Internat. BV (De Kwakel)
  • Scabiosa Atropurpurea Blackberry Scoop van Cerine Fl./ Heembloemex (Rijnsburg), Aviv Packing House Ltd (Hadera, Israël), Gidulei Mazal (Talmey yosef, Israël), Golan Nira (Kfar Hess, Israël), Cohen Amir (Kfar Yedidya, Israël).


  • Glowing Star in the Dark® van Amigo Plant VOF
  • Living Jewel van Anco Orchidee BV
  • Mono Lisi van Montana Lisianthus
  • Minivijver van Waterplanten kwekerij Moerings BV

The international jury consisted of: Lobke Samallo (Life & Garden), Fred Zwaan en Vincent Groenewegen (Agoragroup), Oliver Mathys (Javado), Ed Mol (Waterdrinker), Jeroen Wolfsen (FleuraMetz), Edwin Welleman (GroenRijk), John Thijert (VBW), Carl Schoutsen en Frank Teuber (Flower Council), Alain Picart (Midoplantes), Theo de Mooij (Hoven & de Mooij BV), Cok van Berkel (Noviflora), Eva Olbrich (Messe Cristmas Frankfurt), Joop Kleijn (Hamiplant) en Ronald van Arkesteijn (Zyon-Group BV).

Prominent jury
The finalists will present their products on December 12 for a prominent jury. This panel includes Rob Verlinden, Jorna Spanes, Edwin Meijer, Pascal van 2Dezign en Judith Beahner Editor of magazine Margriet. The jury looks for commercial products. What do consumers think of the products? On January 16, 2014 the winners in each category will be announced during a ceremony at Hotels van Oranje te Noordwijk.


Flowers Expo Moskou

Montana Lisianthus present at the Flowers Expo Moskou in Rusland with exclusive presentation. This year Araik Galstyan and G-Fresh made it possible for Corine; Mrs Montana, to show ‘Montana Lisianthus’ at the catwalk with stunning presentation shinning in front of whole room of whole sale and florists. And in the end the really special occasion: the baptising of the Lisianthus Alissa by Araik Galstyan of the International Floral Design School


doop-alissa      corine-moskou-183

Rosanne Bordeaux

rosanne-deep-brown-cup rosanne-deep-brown-2
rosanne-deep-brown-lisianthus rosanne-deep-brown


  • Floración plena excepcional
  • Color oscuro intenso
  • Flor de gran resistencia
  • Disponible en el verano y el otoño

Lisianthus Alissa Pink


Lisianthus Rosanne Black Jewel

Disponible desde julio 2013

black-jewel2 black-jewel

Rosanne Black

Disponible todo el año, excepto en el otoño, y luego pasamos a la caída-especial: Rosanne Deep Bordeaux

rosanne-black rosanne-black-2

Lisianthus Alissa Blue y White

Nuevo en nuestra gama de productos! Lisianthus Alissa azul y blanco en julio de 2013.



2nd price 'Flora Holland Glazen Tulp Award'

2nd at the ‘Flora Holland Glazen Tulp Award’ Also a very nice price :)

This was a great adventure for us, everybody who supported us in this, thank you very much!

Juryrapport-SB-Rosanne-Green glazen-tulp-2013


Friday February 8 is the day! Then finally our long expected FleurElisa is available!!!

It is a dual-colored double-flowered Lisianthus with vertical drawing, in a blue and a pink variety. Very new, very fresh, very striking!

And that the trade is happy, is clear because they’re all already screaming about it!! Not yet for sale and already a great success

FleurElisa-blue2 FleurElisa-blue3
FleurElisa-pink2 FleurElisa-pink3

Brochure Montana Lisianthus

Download our brochure. Or click on read more to see our brochure online.


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